Fundraising for LUNGEVITY foundation!

Fundraising for LUNGEVITY foundation!:


Hey guys! i hope your weekend is going well!

This post is not normally something that I would share, as it’s not strictly book-related, but it is important to me so I thought that I would just say to hell with it and share it.

My sister is planning to run her second full marathon in Chicago later this year (which is crazy in itself!), and in order to do that she is partnering with LUNGevity to raise money to development treatment against lung cancer. For those that don’t know, we lost our dad to a pretty hard battle against lung cancer back in 2006, so this is something really close to us. I basically just wanted to post this here in case any of you might be able to or want to donate to this cause or if you could at least reblog it to get the word out! There’s no pressure to donate or anything from me, but I just wanted to share this in case anyone else can relate or wants to help out! If you are interested, just follow the link and it will take you to a brief page with a message from her explaining more about this and how you can help. Thanks, guys! 

Hi, everyone! So I posted this back in February way before the Chicago marathon was even close, but now it’s less than two weeks away and I just wanted to help my sister try to reach her goal. Cancer has been a huge presence in our lives, as both our mom and dad have battled with it (my mom is currently a three-time cancer survivor! all different types of cancer, too), so this is a fundraiser that means a lot to my sister (and us!). 

Also, if anyone does donate and you don’t mind not being anonymous, please feel free to send me a message to let me know because I’d love to personally thank you or send you a note or something! If you do want to stay anonymous, then that’s of course totally fine also. Thank you, guys!