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There are such things as ghosts. People everywhere have always known that. And we believe in them every bit as much as Homer did. Only now, we call them by different names. Memory. The unconscious.


pre-loved books // the secret history by donna tartt

Beauty is rarely soft or consolatory. Quite the contrary. Genuine beauty is always quite alarming.

And the flavor of Pippa’s kiss–bittersweet and strange–stayed with me all the way back uptown, swaying and sleepy as I sailed home on the bus, melting with sorrow and loveliness, a starry ache that lifted me up above the windswept city like a kite: my head in the rainclouds, my heart in the sky.

The thought of her gave me such a continual anguish that I could no more forget her than an aching tooth. It was involuntary, hopeless, compulsive. For years she had been the first thing I remembered when I woke up, the last thing that drifted through my mind as I went to sleep, and during the day she came to me obtrusively, obsessively, always with a painful shock.


My morning // 🌿☕️📖

A great sorrow, and one that I am only beginning to understand: we don’t get to choose our own hearts. We can’t make ourselves want what’s good for us or what’s good for other people. We don’t get to choose the people we are.


If I’m outside, I normally have a book and my camera with me.

“But it’s so heartbreaking and unnecessary how we lose things. From pure carelessness.”

Donna Tartt

“It is is better to know one book intimately than a hundred superficially.”

Donna Tartt