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I found the adage about time healing all wounds to be false: grief doesn’t fade. Grief scabs over like scars and pulls into new, painful configurations as it knits. It hurts in new ways. We are never free from grief. We are never free from the feeling that we have failed. We are never free from self-loathing. We are never free from the feeling that something is wrong with us, not with the world that made this mess.

I swallow. I breathe. All delicious and damned.

I stand until there is no sun. I stand until I smell pine through the salt and sulfur. I stand until the moon rises and their mouths close and they are a murder of silver crows. I stand until the forest is a black-knuckled multitude.

There is laughter, shrill calls. Everyone is flirting, saying in nudges and jokes and blushing what they would do in private.

Sometimes the world don’t give you what you need, no matter how hard you look. Sometimes it withholds.

Hello everyone, I hope your week is going well! More books on sale today, so be sure to have a quick peruse if you need some reading material. 🙂 Has anyone read Labyrinth of the Spirits? I loved The Shadow of the Wind and read the next two books in that series, but I haven’t gotten to that fourth one yet and am not sure if it’s something I should check out or not. Anyway, have a wonderful day, everyone! 🙂

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Can’t nothing bother me when I got my hands in the dirt… Like I’m talking to God with my fingers.

Both of us on the cusp of adulthood, and this is how my brother and I understood what it meant to be a woman: working, dour, full of worry. What it meant to be a man: resentful, angry, wanting life to be everything but what it was.

Sorrow is food swallowed too quickly, caught in the throat, making it nearly impossible to breathe.

Death, a great mouth set to swallow.