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And both of them remained floating in an empty universe where the only everyday and eternal reality was love.

I’m done with those; regrets are an excuse for people who have failed.

Language is like poppies. It just takes something to churn the earth round them up, and when it does up come the sleeping words, bright red, fresh, blowing about.

Audrey nodded warily. She had never cared for conspiratorial female conversation of this sort. Its assumption of shared preoccupations was usually unfounded in her experience, its intimacies almost always the trapdoor to some subterranean hostility.

Then the shoreline would grow dimmer and the blue would shoot in all directions, filling the frame around me, the sky so big it could swallow me, and I cracked open with happiness.

When he admitted this to me, I found myself almost annoyed. It was as if he’d hidden this part of himself in order to deceive me, pretending – as do many people I’ve discovered – to be what he is not. No one I’ve ever known is what he appears to be on the surface.

“It’s possible for two good people to be all wrong when they’re around each other.”

David Wroblewski

“I’m not sure anybody ever gets completely over their first love, and that still rankles. Part of me still wants to know what was wrong with me. What I was lacking.”

Stephen King

Read like your work depends on it. It does.

“Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence.”

Erich Fromm